Chop Shtick featured on Quiet Fury Books

Chop Shtick is a satirical novel about mental illness and being an artist. It is an easy read, humorous and sardonic and revealing about the irony of life. This book starts where my memoir My Schizophrenic Life: The Road to Recovery from Mental Illness ends, again having insights into how I cope with mental illness, but within a fictional format.
To be an artist in Vancouver, British Columbia is difficult. There are limited selling venues. Art is a luxury item compared to rent or food expenses. People may rather travel, hike, watch films or concerts, dine out and drink.
So why choose to be an artist? For me, it began as therapy, a connection with my inner being, my soul. A way to express and communicate parts of myself, to mirror how I view the world around me.
Writing also began as a cathartic tool for me. Writing my memoir put me on a path to speak about issues around stigma and recovery tools.
Writing Chop Shtick allowed me to find humour in my predicament. It is fictional but based loosely on reality as many books are. There are tearful moments and absurdity in the book, but that’s the reality.
This book received rave reviews from readers.
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