The show must go on

So I have a flurry of art exhibitions this fall. Exciting opportunities to show and have exposure for my art.

One highlight was the BC Home and Design Show where my large floral paintings were included in a ROAM Gallery/Suquet Interiors exhibit. Suquet Interiors received an award for the Best Use of a Large Space.

Another highlight was my solo exhibition at the University Women's Club of Vancouver at Hycroft. The Dream Series consisted of 19 paintings exploring the connection between reality and dreams with an urban theme. I also explored working on a small wood panel piece and mixed media in some of the works.

I would like to say that being an artist is a process. An artist friend said to me, it never stops. You never meet a final destination. It's always about the next show, the next sale, the next challenge. And I do enjoy challenging myself with new ideas and concepts and never stay with one theme or style for long. I go through rapid cycles of creative exploration.

During periods of high productivity, a lot of mental and psychological energy goes into the work. It can be exhausting but also exhilarating. It can cause me to 'go into my head' temporarily, so I force myself to take breaks or do other activities to avoid paranoid fantasies or hypomanic states.

How is it that I work at something that causes me to delve into those types of states? I think it really is a two-edged sword. Painting is my refuge but also my temptation. It gives me identity, purpose, engages all my senses. I'm passionate about it. I can escape into that creative zone. However, with temptation, sometimes it leads you to a less favoured path.

It's like playing with fire. It's intense, hot and keeps me alive but I can get scorched. It's finding a balance.

Empty Green World, 30 x 40