Vignettes from an Insane Asylum by Zerom Seyoum

      Zerom Seyoum is a courageous fellow whose life began in Ethiopia. He became a refugee and moved to Canada to escape chaos and war in his mother country and to enrol in graduate studies. He became psychotic and committed a crime. When his judgment came, he was found not guilty by reason of a mental disorder. Zerom ended up in the Forensic Psychiatric Hospital for twenty years after which he was finally discharged. In his book, Vignettes from an Insane Asylum, he tells stories about his time spent in hospital with other patients written with sensitivity, insights, and touches of humour. Despite discrimination and suffering, he carries a message of hope. In the conclusion, he offers a solution to some of the problems his fellow patients face.
      If you would like to purchase a PDF of this book for $3.99 (CDN) through Paypal, please contact me through this website (see upper right tab). Zerom has given me the honour and responsibility to sell PDFs on his behalf.
      His previous other books are Not Guilty but Not Free and Alone in the Crowd.

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