The Beautiful Mind of Sandra Yuen MacKay

Monday night, Wayne Lam, a photographer and cinematographer, came to my home to videotape my art and myself speaking about the impact of art and writing on my life and the connection between imagination and mental illness.

He came up with this cool title, "The Beautiful Mind of Sandra Yuen MacKay" for the film. I got a chuckle out of that. But seriously, you will see into my philosophy on art for sure. Thanks to Wayne Lam of Waynes World Studio, who made this video possible.

Images of Italy: Original work by the Espresso Gang

This group show is a collection of original two-dimensional work by a local group of artists, the Espresso Gang.

Opening night is Saturday, June 1st, 7 pm. Artists will be in attendance.

The show will run until July 5th.

Caffé Rustico is a wonderful bistro with friendly service and a relaxed atmosphere. The food is delicious too.

I will be showing one painting of a recognizable Italian locale.