Face-to-Face with Sandra Yuen MacKay

Posted August 28th, 2012 on the Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Wellness website. Together with Dustin Garron, Laurie Pinard, Chantal Poitras and Alicia Raimundo, we are spreading the word that "Recovery is possible." Please check out the other FACES bios and photos. They are all amazing heroes to me.

Recommendation from BestsellerBound

BestsellerBound is a website for indie writers and publishers. They are a growing community of thriving writers. The indie publishers I know not only are excellent writers but support each other on BestsellerBound and on Facebook. Indie writers have control over all aspects of their writing, editing process, marketing, and production of their work into print or e-books.

Darcia Helle, Maria Savva and Stacy Juba established BestsellerBound.com in 2010 to help writers promote their books and reach a wider audience. Darcia and Maria recommended my book My Schizophrenic Life in their review.

Thanks to them for supporting not only my writing but my message to give hope to others who may identify with my story of recovery.

Sandra is one of this year's FACES

The Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health (CAMIMH) celebrates their tenth year of the Faces of Mental Illness Campaign and announces this year's Faces. In a recent press release, they stated they received 90 nominations and selected five Canadians who will participate in the campaign to reduce stigma and raise awareness.

Here's a list of the chosen Faces:

Sandra Yuen MacKay of Vancouver, British Columbia
Alicia Raimundo of Pickering, Ontario
Dustin Garron of Renfrew, Ontario
Laurie Pinard of Ottawa, Ontario
Chantal Poitras of Fredericton, New Brunswick

I am the only one from Western Canada. It's a great honour to be recognized and to have the opportunity to spread hope and inspire others.