When Quietness Came: a fascinating memoir by Erin Hawkes

Erin Hawkes started to hear voices at a young age. Didn't everyone hear them? At least that was her belief. When Quietness Came: A Neuroscientist's Personal Journey With Schizophrenia reveals her struggle with auditory hallucinations and delusions. Despite her long battle, she was an academic star, earning a Master's degree in neuroscience, scholarships and the Hugh Bell award. 

Erin Hawkes
I feel Erin is courageous and should be applauded for sharing her story. In her memoir, she can shift from neuroscience expert to describing delusions in less than a page. This book also shows that one can be highly intelligent but still succumb to paranoid delusions. She writes about self-harm and being put in restraints and injected with medications against her will.  The revolving door of repeated relapses and hospitalizations is a reality for many people suffering from mental illness. Erin's story is remarkable that she could achieve so much despite her illness.

I was so wrapped up in this book that I read it in less than a day. Five stars.