The Early Edition on CBC Radio with Rick Cluff

On April 26th, I received a call that an Associate Producer of CBC Radio was trying to track me down via different sources. I called her that afternoon and she asked me if I was interested in speaking on the radio about the annual family conference for mental health which was held April 28th. She thought it would be insightful to hear from a mental health consumer who was to speak at the conference.

She asked me quite a few questions focussing on the conference and my views on what is good in the mental health system and what things need to improve. The problem wasn't what to talk about but I had so much to say, we had to limit some of the questions.

So on Friday morning, April 27th, I set my alarm for 5 a.m. and arrived at CBC Radio on Hamilton Street at 6 a.m. True to form, I was early but soon it was time for my interview. I walked into the radio booth and there was Rick Cluff. He waved hello as he spoke into the microphone to another interviewee. At 6:40 a.m., it was my turn. He introduced me as the recipient of the Courage to Come Back Award and mentioned my memoir, however, these bits were later cut from the broadcast. My radio interview was quick but we covered a lot of information. He gave me the thumbs up when I left, signalling I had done a good job.

 Here's the podcast of my interview on Early Edition on CBC Radio with Rick Cluff about the annual family conference if you'd like to hear it. If you fast forward to 7:54 the interview runs until 14:21. Click here.

I posted this late but I think the content is still valuable.

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