Should I buy an iPad or e-reader in lieu of a vacation?

I had lunch with a friend who is going to Mexico on Saturday for a week's holiday. I know a lot of people that fly to different places around the globe to experience different cultures, environments and people.

Because I don't travel much, I found myself with some money saved up. It's been on my mind that I'd like to buy an iPad or e-reader in lieu of a vacation.

First, I would have to know exactly what purpose I have in mind. Would it be used mostly for reading e-books or do I want to access email or work on documents or watch movies? Originally, I thought I'd like to read, answer email, surf the internet, and work on documents. I considered if would be best to purchase an iPad. I've always liked Mac and own an iMac computer. I found out that Microsoft will release an Office app for the iPad this year which is good news for me as I do a lot of word-processing as a writer.

However, the iPad isn't recommended for editing long documents said one reviewer. If you link up a keyboard to type and free up screen space for viewing your document, you have to bounce back between using the touch screen and the keyboard. I'm still used to using a mouse so I'd have to adapt. iCloud stores all your music, photos, documents, etc. and transfers them to all your devices, so if I download an iTunes song on my iPad, it will show up on other devices and vice versa.

But what about other devices? The more research I did on the Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Blackberry Playbook, and iPad, the more confused I became. Kindles are lower in price and compact but have limited functions. If you have Wi-Fi access you can stream your movies and music to cloud and only store apps, books, email and docs and images on your device. The Nook reserves part of its storage for Barnes and Noble purchases. As I'm already linked to Amazon, it would make sense to go with a Kindle if I want something less expensive but then there's the question of compatibility to what I have now.

So I'm not sold on any of them yet. Maybe I should wait for iPad 3.


Andrea said...

M, O, D and I LOVE our iPads (D has one and M,O & I share one.) Movies, photos, apps galore, email, internet, great! I try to remember to bring it over in the 18th so you can play around with it! :)

Diana Guess said...

Personally, I chose a Kindle Fire instead of an Ipad, because I need it only for reading. I love to read my favorite books on this interesting device, especially when I'm on my way to work. I've found All you can books, a great site where I can download so many books for free and have them in just one place - my big online library.

Sandra Yuen MacKay said...

Thanks, Andrea! It must be great to have it in the car for the kids to use while traveling. See you soon. Sandra

Sandra Yuen MacKay said...

Thanks Diana, I'll check out that site.

ericlance said...

I would go on the Holiday........ hold on though I am on holiday !!!

Sandra Yuen MacKay said...

Thanks, Eric, If I may ask, where are you holidaying? I'm not floating on iCloud yet.

ericlance said...

Hi Sandra

Vancouver of course... Beautiful British Columbia

If the sun shines I am out on the bicycle with Happy the Shih Tzu


Fairplay on Lit...

Sandra Yuen MacKay said...

Nice video, Eric!

Thanks for sharing!