The Prize

A rainy March is coming to an end, but being indoors gave me ample time to write. Flash Fiction World published my humorous flash fiction story "The Prize" which takes place at the Academy Awards. If you read it, I encourage you to explore some of the other stories, with a limit up to four hundred or a thousand words. Flash fiction is an art in itself. On this website, there are some rules around writing these sort of pieces. For example, telling is better than showing in order to maintain brevity. Metaphors and similes are unnecessary. Contractions also are useful to keep the word count low. However, flash fiction should also be a complete story with conflict and a conclusion. Plot is paramount.

In a world that seems to spin faster and faster, flash fiction has a role in delivering entertainment in snack-size bites.

Flash Fiction World runs quarterly competitions for new and experienced writers. For those who may be experiencing writer's block, writing flash fiction may give them a different approach and fresh perspective.

Inspiration for writing comes from many different sources. I continue to fine-tune my editing skills and look for opportunities to publish my work. If you have any suggestions of good places online to sending writing, please leave a comment here.

Sometimes payment isn't only limited to dollars but to exposure and a feeling of accomplishment to be acknowledged by the public, by editors for other websites or through comments from readers.

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