A Word about Morgen Bailey

Morgen Bailey is an amazing person. She's personable, dedicated, efficient, and effective. And I know this because I've been in contact with her and I've viewed her website. She's the author of The 365-Day Writer's Block Workbook, free eShorts and other e-books available on Smashwords. Since June 2011, she has posted 281 blog author interviews, about 60 author spotlights and the numbers are rising.

When I think of all the hard work and amount of time she puts into aiding and supporting other writers, I'm blown away. I don't think she's paid by the authors she promotes, but maybe the rewards come a different way.

Writers may contact her at morgen@morgenbailey.com if they would like to participate in an interview, author spotlight, guest blog, or Flash Fiction Fridays.

Morgen is based in Northampton, England. Besides maintaining her extensive website, she's also a freelance writer.

I wish for her success as she has given others so much of herself.

I'm proud to be included in her 281st blog interview! A round of applause for Morgen Bailey.


Anonymous said...


You're right; the blog hasn't earned me a penny (cent or any other denomination) - I refuse to put adverts on it - but apart from loving meeting so many other authors (and I hadn't realised how many there were of us), I like to think that some visitors will wander to my Smashwords page (thank you so much for listing that!) and read some of the freebies if nothing else. We write to be read, don't we? :)

Sandra Yuen MacKay said...

Hi Morgen, You're welcome and yes, I agree we need to be read! No writer is an island. :)