What Stella and Roz taught me

Hello all,
I apologize I haven't been updating my blog frequently enough. Sometimes life gets in the way, but I think the new year is a good time to change that. First off, I stepped down as editor for Majestic but am still active as a columnist. Why oh why would I step down from this prestigious position? Because I'm prioritizing. Instead of managing the newsletter, I plan to spend more time writing, or at least practising writing new stories.

On Facebook, I met Stella Deleuze, a writer and professional editor in London, UK. The author of No Wings Attached and Excuse me, where is the exit? available on Amazon. She was on Facebook one day and we started to chat about her latest manuscript. I said, I was interested in reading it as her main character seemed similar to one in a book I've been writing. So we exchanged files and agreed to edit each other's stories. She took me by the hand and showed me what I needed to do to improve my story. She focused on plot, point of view, continuity, character development and made many comments and suggestions on the first several chapters. I was able to see how to improve my writing by limiting the point of view and not using omniscient point of view indiscriminately.

I also was reading Roz Morris's blog. She is a prolific writer also based in London with a lot of good ideas about how to write better. She's the author of Nail Your Novel and My Memories of a Future Life  available on Amazon. She said if one has a blog to post frequently, otherwise readers will think it's been abandoned. So I certainly don't want to look like I'm neglecting my blog, so here I am writing about my plans for 2012 and plan to continue documenting my journey this year.

The main goal I have is to concentrate on new writing. With thanks to Stella, Roz, and others, I have new tools in my writer's toolbox. I am more discerning and perceptive about how to improve and by practising my new skills; I'm ready for action. As of this week, I've broken through writer's block and am exploring new ideas and the techniques I've learned.

So in a nutshell, 2012, I'm ready.


dirtywhitecandy said...

Really chuffed at the mention, Sandra! Enjoy your writing and your blogging in 2012.

Sandra Yuen MacKay said...

Thanks Roz, I read your column frequently. You really have a lot of knowledge and are generous enough to share it. cheers, Sandra

Lisa Sachs said...

Nice to hear from you again, Sandra. I too have been remiss but mostly in reading other people's blogs. I found this one compelling. I hope that we can both have productive writing years this year. Happy 2012!

Sandra Yuen MacKay said...

Thanks Lisa,

I hope you have a great new year! Sandra

Anonymous said...

Hope comments will work this time. Thank you so much for this. If writers improve with my help I'm a happy editor. :-)

We all need a fresh pair of eyes looking over our writing. xx

Sandra Yuen MacKay said...

Thanks Stella, you've really given me a lot of valuable feedback. I look forward to future comments!