The unnatural writer

Some writers are able to create sentences that are elegant, fluid and fall like snowflakes. Sometimes it's a blizzard but other times it's like music. The rhythm of images and words make for a poetic dance.

I'm not much of a poet or lyricist. But when I read quotes or the first sentence of a story by a talented writer, I'm amazed. How aware are authors to see and describe characters and their environments in such a pure, insightful way unburdened by awkwardness or oversimplification?

Perhaps I'm not a natural writer. My words stumble at times, but I believe it's part of how I am evolving. Because of having a mental illness, perhaps my mind is tainted by medications that dull the creative spark and cloud the mind. So in the past, it has been difficult for me to be a better artist or writer, because of not only the illness but also the treatment.

Still I trudge on, trying to find my artistic wavelength. The magical place where words and images come naturally.

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