Two weeks, six stories and counting

So a while ago, I took on a challenge of writing two short stories a week or 1,500 words a day. Over a period of fourteen days, I wrote six short stories. I explored different topics and points of view. Some stories were sad or funny. Because these were short in length as opposed to a novel, I was able to spend more time on each paragraph, slow down and get into the character and feel his fears, sadness and happier moments.

Someone says when one paints, one has to go through a lot of bad paintings before the cream rises to the surface. In writing, quality may vary, but like art, as the creator matures I believe he will get consistently better.

I've been reading some short stories by Fredric Brown who is described as the O. Henry of science fiction. Highly recommended.

This next week, I may write a little less and focus more on reading Frederic Brown and books on writing. The important thing is that I'm working on it!

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