1,500 words a day

So, I've heard that professional writers will often use the method of scheduling a certain number of words or a time period to write each day. Some might write for two or three hours at the same time of the day and then leave their stories to rest and do other things the rest of the day. Stephen King in On Writing states he writes 2,000 words a day (or ten pages) and can complete a 180,000 word novel in three months.

Now I'm not up to that standard but I wrote and edited a short story in two days. I didn't break any records and spent hours fine-tuning. I left it rest overnight and finished it up the second day. However, as I was suffering from a bad case of "I can't write" for months, it was a triumph. I confess I did write a creative nonfiction piece in December, but it was hard to find the right words.

To break through fear and free myself up to explore and experiment was a risk but I was very satisfied with the result. In less than a week, I wrote another two stories as well. So once I was able to set a goal and funnel all the expert advice I've been reading from other writers, I created something original. I was able to show in the right places. I didn't overexplain. I kept to first person point of view.

So am I willing to take the plunge and set a goal of writing 1,500 words a day or two short stories a week? Would I be able to keep to that without coming up with drivel? New writers that tackle NaNoWriMo are able to complete a novel in a month. It may not be their best writing but it forces them to be creative and just plow through.

So as I am toying with the idea of setting a daily or weekly goal. I'll let you know how I'm doing next week!

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