Thanks to Radiah on the H20 Network and Greg Tyzzer

Today I had a radio broadcast interview on H2O Network on Blog Talk Radio. Radiah, the interviewer had some really excellent questions. We spoke for about an hour and Ochani Lele called in to ask a question. Ochani Lele, a fellow writer and friend (and my boss), has been a guide for me as I've grown as a writer. Also, I've received support and valuable feedback from members. If you listen to the recording, there's a 7-minute musical interlude before the interview begins.

Greg Tyzzer posted a review of my memoir on his website. Thanks to Greg for the many positive things he had to say. He's also planning to write a memoir of his own personal journey. (Editor's note: He has since deleted his website, but his review can be found on PsychCentral.)

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