Hello fellow writers and readers,
I found a website that's a real gem, called Goodreads, if you are familiar with it. I joined recently and made some connections with other authors. It's not only a good place to publicize one's own writing, but also to review other books, and get support from a community of writers and readers.

I met a writer, who is on Goodreads, named Stuart Ross McCallum who wrote a book about his struggle with epilepsy and undergoing brain surgery with amazing results. His book is titled, Beyond My Control: One Man's Struggle with Epilepsy, Seizure Surgery & Beyond. I am intrigued by his story, because my book is also a memoir about recovery. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, but also sometimes true stories can be very incredible and insightful.

To be honest, I don't read a lot of books, despite the fact I'm a writer. My concentration and attention span sometimes aren't good. At times, I have to read the same passage over several times but it still doesn't penetrate. I think it's because my mind is distracted by inner thoughts - a sign of a dreamer.

In the past, I did enjoy comic books or graphic novels because there's less text and I liked reading pictures. Comic books aren't just for kids!

Please check out Goodreads and you'll meet some interesting people and find some great books to read!


Stuart Ross McCallum said...

Hi Sandra,

I wholeheartedly concur with what you say. Reading true stories about other people lives, the struggles they face and the obstacles they overcome, adds insight for the reader.

It is an honour to be mentioned in your blog, Sandra. I am heading over to Amazon now to purchase you new book.

To good health and happiness.


About Jen said...

Goodreads is a great site, and Stuart is one of the most generous and inspirational writers I've ever met. Come to think of it, I think I met him there, too.
The internet has its perks sometimes ;)