Author vs. Book

Today I read on a website that an author needs to promote himself and his published works separately. The two should be independent, as in having separate websites for personal and professional interactions. What do we have here? I have art, a blog, links, and promotional material for my writing all rolled into one. I also learned that Stephen King doesn't have separate platforms - but he's famous!

I would hope that if you read my blog, you might be interested in my memoir to be released very soon. Also, if you have heard about my book that you might be interested in reading my blog.

Because this book is about me, I think it's quite suitable to have a blog on the same site - am I right? I believe in a one-stop concept.

As I've stumbled through life, I've met a lot of different people who took an interest in the fact I'm an artist or writer. Some expressed a desire to buy my book, based on the fact they know me personally. Some perceived me to have a certain amount of fame attached. I think fame does draw people to you especially if you have charismatic appeal.

Over the past while, I've been showing off a proof copy of my book and publicizing my October book launch when I speak to groups. As a public speaker on recovery, I have the opportunity to share parts of my life experience and also talk about my writing and art. It's all interconnected. I've developed an elevator pitch, meaning a 30 second blurb I can deliver quickly that gives a snapshot of my memoir, if someone is interested.

Being a writer and artist isn't just about the creative process, but involves time and effort to market your work, if you desire monetary success. There are of course lots of creative people that create for their own pleasure which is perfectly valid. It depends on your motivation and goals.

What's my motivation? The desire to share, inspire, entertain, and educate. To give hope and encouragement. To reciprocate and give back by helping others.

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