Creativity unleashed

To view samples of my art, please visit Creativity unleashed or Art and Writing by Sandra Yuen MacKay. I do have more recent work but you'll have to come to Vancouver to view it!

What more is there?

September has arrived and I'm in full swing for the fall. I've been editing a manuscript over the past month after receiving some good advice from an editor. My sister is reading another of my manuscripts to see if it is ready for publication. I trust her judgment. Also yesterday I was part of a panel that presented to 170 students from different disciplines about stigma and mental illness. We were very well-received. I felt relaxed during the event even though last week I was stressed about it.

Today I had a curry chicken lunch that costs a dollar at a place downtown. I attended a games day there, played blackjack and had friendly conversation. Speaking of food, I'm having dim sum with relatives tomorrow. My birthday is on Friday and I plan to volunteer at a sales table for the Art Studios at Vancouver General Hospital. Then it's to the PNE on Saturday.

Next week I'm entering a juried exhibition with six of my paintings. Walking forty minutes a day really helped my stress level. Also getting more sleep is good too. What have I learned? Take each day as it comes, one step at a time. Don't worry about the future or things you can't control. I've experienced lots of change over the past several months. I feel productive and content.

What more is there?