I'm ba-a-ck!

Back from the beach vacation, I turned on my computer to check my email as I'd been without it for a week. I got to bed after 2 a.m. because I was doing a final edit of Hell's Fire. I uploaded over 200 photos to my computer from my digital camera. The pictures are mostly driftwood, tall trees and ferry scenery. I hope to use many as references for paintings. We had the perfect vacation, if there is such a thing. The weather was sunny and hot. We hiked on trails, waded in the ocean, shopped, ate well, drove to Courtenay and explored other areas. I picked up some bargain books and read on the beach and at the ferry terminal. There was a one sailing wait both ways, but it was worth it. You can reserve, but we didn't.

Coming home, I was a little sad it was over. But sometimes a break puts things into perspective. There's more to life than rushing around trying to get somewhere. A timeout is a breather, a time to reflect and relax. Sometimes I rush so much, I lose focus of what's important, like my health and values. Being healthy means perhaps a longer life, a better life. Values are things I desire to have in my life, but don't always strive for because of lack of foresight and things that cloud the issue. I value relationships, but don't always make an effort to foster them. I confess I complain at times, but in the larger picture, what's the beef?

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