Mission completed

Our presentation at the Ottawa conference was successful. We completed our mission. I received good feedback on my art as well. I attended many of the talks relating to occupational therapy. But I still made time to play hooky and take photos of beautiful downtown Ottawa, visit the National Gallery, and dine at some good restaurants and pubs. I and my co-presenters leisurely walked along the Rideau Canal and the Ottawa River and checked out Sparks Street and the Byward Market. I dropped into the Green Dragon, a store where my great-aunt still works at age 85. I also saw some friends who live in Ottawa.

Once our program evaluation of the Art Studios is finalized, we look forward to another presentation — this time in Vancouver. I also had a call back to speak at the University of British Columbia. I guess I made a good impression the last time. Some of the Master of Occupational Therapy students are coordinating a mental health awareness program and will have two or three speakers including myself. They expect a crowd of more than a hundred as they are inviting students in other disciplines.

Back in Vancouver, I got back on the horse (figuratively) and worked on my novel. After three months, the novel is complete as far as I can tell. It's roughly 240 pages. I spent a lot of time editing. I would like to thank my friend. She and I met for lunch and discussed my novel when it was in the early stages. She gave me some great suggestions, many of which I incorporated into my story. At one point it seemed like Mission Impossible, but after coming up with some new ideas, it worked out.

In my writing, I learn as I go. I hope to continue to improve. If anyone is interested in North American architecture, you may know that Arthur Erickson passed away May 20th. His memorial service is June 14th to be held in the Convocation Hall at Simon Fraser University, which he co-designed with Geoffrey Massey in 1963. I would like to say my father worked under Arthur Erickson on the design of the SFU library.

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