Making progress

I wrote "Hell's Fire" off and on over a ten year period. It was a story, then a script. then a story again. It has great visuals and action and crosses genres. So I really thought it would make a good movie. My logline is: With the threat of earth’s destruction looming, Johnny Riggs goes on a mission to save his supernaturally gifted daughter Annie from alien abduction.

Novellas may be hard to publish compared to novels because of the word count. However, they may be printed in a collection if you have connections. I submitted "Hell's Fire," as a novella to Bewildering Stories. Eleven weeks later, the editor responded, accepting my story for online publication in late summer/early fall. I was ecstatic.

Today I sent them another novella to see if they'd publish it as well. I also sent a submission to The Bulletin. Despite these advances, my novel "Chocolate Days" has been on the back burner. And also my painting has taken a backseat to other activities. But you can only stretch your energy and focus so far.

 The other thing I've experienced are waves of internal conflict. Because of my illness, I developed a deep hole of self-pity and deprecation. Even though I've had so many successes and achievements, this hole still opens up at vulnerable times. One would think, I would "get over it" but self-stigma and negativity throw me off balance. So instead of dwelling on my disparaging self-talk, I vote that I get ready for summer. Pull out my shorts and sandals. Pack my bag for my Ottawa trip and enjoy the sunshine. The best remedy for the blues is to relax and have a fresh start everyday.

I'd like to thank my friends and family for their support. You know who you are.

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