Self-Portrait: The Big Bang Theory

This painting was done years ago but it is still relevant to me. This painting draws from pop art and culture. My colours are bold and vivid. My content is basic and has a visual impact over an intellectual one. The outlining style is characteristic of comic books. The face is elongated, the ribbing of the sweater contain suggestions of piano keys, rhythm and music. The cigarette symbolizes sophistication apparent in many classic movies. The green hand was based on a pair of green leather gloves which I still own.

Andy Warhol stated, "In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes." In this work, I see myself at a Warhol party discussing the big bang theory over a glass of wine. This pseudo-sophistication is a fantasy. Instead of the portrait only representing me, I also become the person in the portrait.


Keith said...

I love the self portrait, your comments are interesting.

Sandra said...

thanks, Keith!