Living the life that dreams are made of

After a long siesta, I'm back in the saddle on blogspot. I've been having a busy year. Publishing a memoir; being an editor of Majestic, an online newsletter for writers; and layout designer of Four Seasons, a literary magazine; and doing my art. I feel like I'm on the crest of the wave, moving into new territory, expanding my horizon, living my dream.

How does a person with schizoaffective disorder manage to wear so many hats? She keeps her goals in mind. No one really tells me to do anything. I just find new projects. I'm not technically working as in a full-time job - just bits and pieces when I have time.

How is the self-care going? You know the stuff I'm supposed to do to stay well? I recently bought a 3 month flexipass for the fitness centre and pool. I'm making exercise a priority because of weight gain from Zyprexa. I'm too young to have high cholesterol, I was told.

My book launch is coming up October 2nd at Vancouver General Hospital. I should be happy and excited but I'm anxious as well. I hope it goes well. I'm looking for book reviewers on the Internet and putting the word out. Soon the day will come, but until then I'll try to relax.